Woodbury House Contemporary Art is proud to announce their collaboration with multi-talented urban artist, Schoony on a unique collaboration which sees the release of a range of new artworks from the famous artist, due to be available from October 2017.

Woodbury House’s team of experts has worked closely with Schoony to create a collection anchored to three of his most iconic works – Butterfly Kiss, Boy Solider and Bruiser. Butterfly Kiss and Bruiser are presented as pieces of sculpture, while Boy Solider is also available as photography.

The Boy Soldier piece has also inspired a three-way collaboration with premium street-wear brand, Dark Circle who have not only worked on the actual Boy Solider sculpture piece but have designed a range of clothing items to celebrate it. The range of products available from the show ensures that a piece of this collection is available to buy at any level, from the artwork itself right down to a simple t-shirt.

The inspiration behind the collaboration sees Schoony once again bring to life the core themes of his work, of war, mortality and contemporary society. To date, he has been best known for his iconic life cast sculpture ‘Boy Soldier’ which was unveiled outside the houses of parliament as an anti-war protest in 2008. The work caught the eye of Brad Pitt who famously bought a piece for Angelina Jolie in 2015, and Schoony has since then cemented his place as a household name in the art world.

“We have always wanted to work with Schoony. His work is original and poignant but with a playful side to it. We’re really excited to launch this collaboration between two extremely talented artists who have created something truly unique to showcase at the studio” – Michael Doohan, Art Advisor and Curator for Woodbury House.