Richard Hambleton, Godfather of Street Art, Dubai, La Cantine Restaurant, 2015

The exhibition held in November 2015, Dubai, La Cantine Du Faubourg Restaurant, showcased many of Richard Hambleton’s artworks, including 3 Original paintings and 10 exclusive Limited Editions. The show displayed Hambleton’s most significant paintings, including a selection of his ‘Shadowman’ canvas paintings and his “Horse and Rider” series. The show also featured Hank O’Neil’s, Richard Hambleton and Jean-Michel Basquiat – Skull C-Print on Aluminium.

The exhibition was Woodbury House’s premier art exhibition and the first time the Godfather of street art, Richard Hambleton’s artworks had ever been featured in Dubai, UAE.

Coined the Godfather of Street Art, Hambleton’s work is often compared to ‘graffiti art’ although the artist himself considers his work to be ‘public art’. Out of his versatile movements, Hambleton is best known for his Mass Murder Concept and the Shadowman paintings. 

Hank O’Neil, Richard Hambleton and Jean-Michel Basquiat – Skull, Limited Edition. 

Stop Sign 

Horse and Rider
Purple Shadow Head

Shadow Cat
Shadow Cat

Purple Shadow Head, 2014